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Set on a fictitious island in the Caribbean during colonial British rule, "Island in the Sun" focuses on the life of a young, charismatic and handsome black man with political aspirations. David Boyeur is fighting for political office as the black labor leader against Maxwell Fleury. As if the contentious election wasn't enough, there are plenty of scandals to go around: Boyeur has a secret white lover and Fleury's wife, Sylvia, is also having an affair. And then, of course, there's the small matter of a recently murdered aristocrat. Infidelity, racism, and murder ensue.

Produced by Darryl F. Zannuck

Cast: James Mason, Harry Belafonte, Joan Fontaine, Joan Collins, Dorothy Dandridge, Michael Rennie

Awards: Special Prize of the Jury - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 1966