Territoires du sein explores the many paths associated with breast cancer. Unequal access to the health care system, a lack of parity, support networks, medical knowledgeand responses of the artistic community. In 2001, artist Sonja B. Hernandez was diagnosed with breast cancer at Evanston hospital in the United States. She had to cancel surgery on two occasions. On the first occasion, her right to be informed about other treatment options was not respected, then, she was not consulted in the decision. She fought tooth and nail to finally be able to access non-discriminatory medical care at this establishment. After contacting several philanthropic organisations, she was finally able to receive reconstructive surgery and the treatment she needed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This documentary shows the inequalities in the choice of medical care in the United States, and the fact that 46 million Americans without medical insurance could face serious violations of their fundamental rights as patients.


Medium Length (71mins) | Haiti


French, English



Jean-Rene Rinvil