Born in Suriname and living in the Netherlands, Clarence Breeveld wants to visit the places where his ancestors were traded as slaves. Along with director Frank Zichem, he departs for Ghana, where he learns about how and where the slave trade took place, and is visibly moved upon seeing the dank dungeons and the 'door of no return' at Cape Coast Castle, and the 'key bearer' of the mighty Ashanti king. They meet the Ghanaian Stephen Korsah, who shares with them the history of slavery in his native country, but reveals he knows nothing about his forebear’s final destination, Suriname. Korsah agrees to travel to Suriname, where he is greeted in Kromanti, the language from his native region, and new knowledge and old emotions are exposed.


Medium Length (60mins) Social Commentary | Suriname, The Netherlands





Rene Mendel


Frank Zichem