It’s payday at the hair salon in Havana where Mónica, Violeta and Mayelin work, and the three young women decide to go out together. They begin to share details of their lives, their dreams and their desires, and a new intimacy develops among them. Finally they arrive at a club. It is here, surrounded by sweaty bodies and pulsating techno music that the women separate, each looking for fulfillment that she cannot share with the others.


(74mins) | Cuba, Colombia


Spanish with English subtitles



Kiki Álvarez Photograph of Kiki Álvarez Enrique (Kiki) Álvarez was born in Havana in 1961. He has a degree in Art History, and is currently head of the fiction film programme at the International School of Film and Television. He has directed internationally acclaimed video-art, short and feature-length films, among them Giraffes (ttff/14). Venice, his latest feature, is the first Cuban film produced through crowdfunding.