Jay, a 17-year-old Scotsman, travels to the American West in the late 19th century in pursuit of the woman he loves. Confronted with the harsh realities of the frontier, he falls in with a mysterious traveller, Silas, who soon discovers that the focus of Jay’s affection has a price on her head. Together the two men navigate a vast wilderness while attempting to stay one step ahead of a bloodthirsty posse and a colourful bounty hunter.


(84mins) | United Kingdom, New Zealand


English, French with English subtitles



John Maclean Photograph of John Maclean John Maclean studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. After graduating, he formed rock groups the Beta Band (1997 to 2004), and the Aliens (2005 to 2008). John made many of his bands’ music videos. He then made the short film Man on a Motorcycle (2009, ttff/12), and Pitch Black Heist (2011, ttff/12). Slow West is his first narrative feature.