Dreadlocks Story explores the history of Rastafarianism through a previously unexplored prism: hair. It shows the spiritual significance of the much-criticised dreadlocks hairstyle as well as the roots of Rastafari culture, both of which are entangled with the Hindu tradition in Jamaica. The film features revealing interviews with historian Verene Shepherd, David Hinds of the reggae band Steel Pulse, and Monty and Blade Howell, sons of Leonard ‘Gong’ Howell (‘the first rasta’).


(83mins) | Jamaica, India, France, United States of America


English, French and Hindi, with English subtitles



Linda Aïnouche Photograph of Linda Aïnouche Linda Aïnouche, PhD, was first an ethnographic researcher and cultural analyst, specialising in ethnic minorities, misunderstood communities and religion before becoming a documentary filmmaker. She likes to understand the cross-cultural impacts that can emerge between outcast people all over the world. Born in a multicultural family, she has been travelling from an early age and has lived in several countries. Dreadlocks Story is her first film.