When the USSR collapsed, so did the Soviet-Cuban plan to build the Caribbean’s first nuclear power plant. Twenty-five years later the “Project of the Century” remains unfinished, colouring the lives of the inhabitants of the nearby Electro-Nuclear City (ENC). Three generations of men —Otto, Rafael and Leo—live in an apartment in the ENC, unable to get on with one another. Trapped by the promise of a future that never came, they are the unwilling protagonists in this radioactive ballad to solitary men.


(100mins) | Cuba, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland


Spanish with English subtitles



Carlos Machado Quintela Photograph of Carlos Machado Quintela Born in Havana in 1984, Carlos Quintela studied Film and Communications at the Higher Institute of Arts, and Scriptwriting at the International School of Cinema and Television in Cuba. His debut feature film was The Swimming Pool (ttff/13). His short Bullock won the jury prize for best narrative short film at ttff/14.