A 13-year old boy (who doesn’t give his name) is on a journey along the Venezuelan coast. In order to get by, he tells people fanciful stories about his past, stories that often contradict one another. These stories, however, eventually reveal the truth: ten years previously, his mother disappeared in a great mudslide. Believing she’s still alive he has set off in search of her, propelled by memories he can’t erase.


(100mins) | Venezuela


Spanish with English subtitles



Marité Ugás Photograph of Marité Ugás Marité Ugás was born in Peru. After completing a degree in communications from the University of Lima, she studied filmmaking at the International School of Film and Television in Cuba. She made her first feature, At Midnight and a Half, in 2009. She was the producer of Marianá Rondon’s Postcards from Leningrad (ttff/08). The Kid Who Lies is her most recent film.