for this ambitious and unsettling drama of class conflict and societal change. Joāo is a young man who manages his grandfather Francisco’s considerable property interests. Bia, a housewife, smokes weed and feeds sleeping pills to the dog next door to keep it from barking. And Clodoaldo, who runs a vigilante-style security outfit, takes an unhealthy interest in Francisco’s affairs. Events build uneasily to a stunning and provocative conclusion.


(131mins) | Brazil


Mandarin, English, Portuguese with English subtitles



Kleber Mendonça Filho Photograph of Kleber Mendonça Filho Kleber Mendonça Filho was born in 1968 in Recife, in northeastern Brazil. A former film critic, he made several short films before making the feature-length documentary Crítico, about the troubled relationship between filmmakers and critics. Neighbouring Sounds is his first narrative feature.