In the state of Kerala in India live the dalits, a group of indigenous, landless people who face discrimination and displacement by political entities and upper-caste landlords. This provocative film tells their story through the experiences of Shankaran, an educated dalit youth. At first indifferent to the struggle, Shankaran has an awakening and joins in rising up against the injustice being endured by his people. This is fiction filmmaking at its most socially and politically aware, set against the stunning landscape of the Western Ghats.


(108mins) | India


English, Hindi, Malayalam with English subtitles



Jayan Cherian Photograph of Jayan Cherian Jayan Cherian was born in India and graduated from Hunter College in New York with a BA in film, and then from the City College of New York with an MFA in writing, directing and cinematography. He has made several experimental documentaries and narrative shorts. Papilio Buddha is his first feature film.