Fourteen-year-old Lucía would rather do anything than go on vacation with her father, Alberto, and her younger brother Federico. But Alberto, who is divorced from Lucía and Federico’s mother, is determined to get closer to his children over a week at a family resort. The kids’ initial reluctance and the constant rain threaten to derail his plans. Slowly, circumstances start to bring the three of them together, in ways none of them could have suspected.


(102mins) | Uruguay


Spanish with English subtitles



Ana Guevara Pose, Leticia Jorge Romero Photograph of Ana Guevara Pose, Leticia Jorge Romero Ana Guevara Pose and Leticia Jorge Romero were born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1980 and 1981, respectively. They became friends while studying communications at the Catholic University of Uruguay. They began writing together and in 2007 made a short film, which was followed by another in 2009. Tanta Agua is their first feature.