Every day young Omar, a Palestinian baker, risks being shot by Israeli military forces as he traverses the occupied West Bank to visit Nadia, his girlfriend. Tarek, Nadia’s domineering older brother, enlists Omar and another friend, Amjad, to execute a hit on an Israeli soldier. Omar is then caught and tortured by the Israelis, who set him free with an ultimatum: give up Tarek or suffer the consequences with Nadia. This is an unforgettable, heart-stopping thriller, with an absolutely astonishing finale.


(98mins) | Palestine


Arabic, Hebrew, with English subtitles



Hany Abu-Assad Photograph of Hany Abu-Assad Hany Abu-Assad was born in Nazareth, Israel in 1961. He is the writer and director of several films, including Paradise Now (2005), which won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. Omar (2013), his most recent film, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated in 2014 as Palestine’s entry to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.