Chalo is a friendless security guard with a boring, monotonous job in an abandoned factory. A cockfight lover, he is desperate to have his first gamecock. Once he gets this bird—which he names Rocky—his life changes. Not having a proper place to keep and train Rocky triggers a series of events that will put Chalo’s love for his new, feathered friend to the test, in this quirky and hilarious deadpan comedy.


(85mins) | Costa Rica


Spanish with English subtitles



Neto Villalobos Photograph of Neto Villalobos Neto Villalobos was born in San José, Costa Rica. He graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of Costa Rica and later majored in Film Direction at the Centre d’Estudis Cinemàtografics de Catalunya in Barcelona. All About the Feathers (2013), his first feature, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.