Three siblings from Harlem seek to learn about their Chinese grandfather who was forever separated from their mother—his half-Chinese, half-Jamaican daughter—in 1920. After a 91-year separation, his black-Chinese grandchildren journey from Harlem to Toronto to Jamaica to China, in search of Samuel Lowe.


(58mins) | Canada, United States of America


English, Chinese with English subtitles



Jeanette Kong Photograph of Jeanette Kong Jeanette Kong is a documentary filmmaker from Jamaica based in Toronto, Canada. Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China (2014) was shortlisted for Best Diaspora Documentary at this year’s Africa Movie Academy Awards. Jeanette’s short films The Chiney Shop and Half: The Story of a Chinese-Jamaican Son premiered in Trinidad and Tobago at ttff/12 and ttff/13, respectively.