The Absent House is a portrait of Fernando Abruña Charneco, a designer from Puerto Rico and a pioneer of green architecture. He confronts climate change with sustainable constructions such as a roofless house that is independent of power and water utilities, a micro-eco-house on wheels and a solar-electric car. This screening takes place in association with Sustain T&T and will be followed by a panel discussion.


(55mins) | Puerto Rico


Spanish and English with English subtitles



Rubén Abruña Photograph of Rubén Abruña Rubén Abruña has over 20 years of experience in the film, television and radio industries in Puerto Rico and the US. His credits include work for the Discovery Channel, PBS, and ABC News. His love for documentaries began early on, when he studied under the tutelage of pioneers Jean Rouch and George Stoney.