My Dreams, My Works Must Wait Till After Hell is a single channel video inspired by African-American and Pulitzer Prize poetry winner Gwendolyn Brooks. It shows a nude female torso lying on her side resembling a mountain buttressed by stone and is accompanied by a soundtrack from Kaoru Watanabe. My Dreams, My Works… challenges the classical art-historical presentation of the nude by portraying the black body and by denying the visibility of the subject’s physical attributes.


(7mins) | India, Jamaica, United States of America





Chitra Ganesh, Simone Leigh (Girl) The duo Girl is comprised of artists Chitra Ganesh and Simone Leigh, both of whom work with disparate materials that range from ceramics to anime in exploring representations of the feminine form. While Ganesh layers traditional and contemporary cultural references that include Greek and Buddhist mythology and graphic novels in her work, Leigh references ethnographic studies as well as the traditional arts of West Africa. Combined, their collective efforts explore themes associated with women, as well as feminine iconography.