DESTROYED IN the devastating earthquake of 2010, the cathedral of Port-au-Prince was one of the most beautiful and symbolic edifices in all of Haiti. Amidst its post-apocalyptic-like ruins children play, foreign missionaries pray for lost souls, and men and women roam almost aimlessly. Part historical meditation, part political invective, this is a captivating documentary which uses the reconstruction effort as a metaphor for the rebuilding of the Haitian self.


(61mins) | Haiti


Haitian Creole, English and French with English subtitles



Guetty Felin Photograph of Guetty Felin Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in New York, Haitian-American award-winning, independent filmmaker Guetty Felin is an 18-year veteran in the film and television industry. Before going on to directing documentaries, she worked as associate producer, producer as well as distributor on numerous award winning documentaries and fiction films for European and American television.