THIS EMOTIONALLY charged documentary tells the story of three young women living and working in the Chureca, a landfill on the banks of Lake Managua in Nicaragua. Dominga is a glue addict with Aids; Fabiola is being enticed by evangelical Christians to leave her family and Maryuri is at risk of losing the child she is expecting. By My Side follows the women as they seek a way out of the Chureca and towards a better life.


(96mins) | Nicaragua, United States of America


Spanish with English subtitles



Jean-Cosme Delaloye Photograph of Jean-Cosme Delaloye Jean-Cosme Delaloye is a Swiss reporter based in Brooklyn. Most of his work focuses on critical social issues. While doing a series of stories in Nicaragua in 2011, he discovered the Chureca, the Mangua City dump which became the setting of By My Side, his first film.