IN THE 1950s in Salvador, Bahia, a motley gang of abandoned street urchins survives by committing petty thefts and sophisticated mansion robberies. But when the orphaned Dora joins their ranks, the camaraderie of this boys-only outfit is threatened. This is a glorious, heartwarming film about a magical year in the life of a group of kids, a time in which they fly like birds, have wonderful dreams, visit hell, and discover love, sex, death and freedom.


(96mins) Drama | Brazil


Brazilian Portuguese, with English subtitles



Cecilia Amado Photograph of Cecilia Amado Born in 1976, Cecilia Amado began working in film in 1995 as an assistant in feature film Tieta the Wasteland (1996). She then worked on What’s that, mate? (1997), and Canudos War (1997), in the same role Her first directing experience was as 2nd assistant in Maua – The Emperor and the King (1999) On television, she worked on Dona Flor (1997) and Labyrinth (1998), and as an assistant director on the series City of Men (2004 and 2005), and the series The Color of Sin (2003) and Women in Love (2002 ), among others. In 2008, started working on her first feature film, Captains of the Sand, based on the novel by her grandfather, Jorge Amado. The film was selected for the Première Brazil’s Rio Festival 2011.