IN THE REMOTE Brazilian village of Jotuomba, life goes on as it has for decades. One day a photographer, Rita, arrives looking for a place to stay. At first wary, the villagers soon warm to her. Yet Rita is puzzled: why are there no young people here? And why are the cemetery gates always locked? The title of this film translates as ‘Stories that only exist when remembered’ – the film itself is an unforgettable, moving gem.


(98mins) | Brazil


Papiamento with English subtitles



Julia Murat Photograph of Julia Murat Julia Murat has made short-films, experimental videos, commercials and video installations. Dia dos pais, her first feature-length documentary film, premiered in 2008. She also has experience working as an editor, assistant director and camera assistant. Historias que so existem quando lembradas is her first feature length narrative film.