The musical talent of Trinidad and Tobago is prodigious, not to mention diverse. In 2009 three young local musicians embarked on a tour to take their music to the world, and fly the flag of T&T high. Filmed across three weeks in Europe, Live from Trinidad &Tobago is a behind-the-scenes view of the Caribbean Invasion tour featuring Maximus Dan, Marlon Asher and Jah Melody. The film follows the artists as they perform in various underground reggae/soca clubs, and shows just how far the phenomenon of Caribbean music has spread. Through candid interviews with the musicians, we get closer to the root of their passion, an understanding of what inspires and drives them, and a taste of where their careers are heading.


(60mins) | Trinidad and Tobago





Walt Lovelace Walt Lovelace began his career with the pioneering production company Banyan back in 1983. He is a co-founder of Earth TV and Big Fish In A Blue Bottle Productions, and has shot many documentaries, commercials and music videos. In 2004 he shot and edited the Asha Lovelace film Joebell and America.
Curtis Popplewell Curtis Popplewell began his career in 1980, and has worked at various television station and production houses. A co-founder of Big Fish In A Bottle Productions, he has made many commercials and music videos. He was editor of the feature film The Ghost of Hing King Estate (Horace Ové, 2008).