Jude is a widowed nurse, Jamaican by birth, living in Canada and battling sickle cell disease. Silence is a taciturn, ageing boxer who runs a gym for boys, and engages in illegal street fighting for money on the sly. And Ciel is Jude’s sensitive young son who, through his love of music, conjures for his mother lyrical dreams of a return to her native land. When Silence enters Jude’s care after one of his fights the two fall in love, and Silence finds himself becoming a father figure to Ciel. Soon Jude’s illness takes a turn for the worse, and Silence becomes caught up in a potentially fatal dispute with a gangster. Yet when it appears that all is lost, fate intervenes—and Jude’s dream of going home to Jamaica is fulfilled in a way she could never have expected.


(93mins) | Canada





Charles Officer Charles Officer is a Canadian-Jamaican filmmaker, actor and former professional ice hockey player. His feature-length directorial debut, When Morning Comes, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2000. The screenplay he wrote for Nurse.Fighter.Boy, his second feature, was chosen for the Berlin International Film Festival's writer's lab. The film premiered at TIFF in 2008.