A female loggerhead turtle begins life on a beach in Florida and fights to make it to the ocean at the start of one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. The hatchling rides the Gulf Stream north towards the Arctic and, taking a route prescribed by her ancestors millions of years ago, swims around the entire North Atlantic, across to Africa, south to the Caribbean and, eventually, returns to Florida. This epic journey takes 25 years to complete, and on the way the turtle faces numerous perils, even as she shares this great marine migration with a host of other creatures of the deep. She witnesses some of the disastrous changes that are happening in the Atlantic Ocean as it becomes increasingly polluted and crowded with ships—but there’s hope as she deposits her eggs in the soft sand on the beach where she was born.


(80mins) | United KIngdom





Nick Stringer Nick Stringer is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and co-director of Big Wave, one of the world's leading independent producers of wildlife documentaries. He was born in Devon, England in 1948 and has spent 17 years directing and producing natural history and science films for television, including the BBC, PBS, National Geographic and Animal Planet. Originally trained as a biologist, Stringer worked for environmental charities before turning to film.