The earnest, neurotic Diego loves his girlfriend Sofía — but somehow things just aren’t going right. They decide to spend a week at the beach to work out their problems, and at first things go swimmingly, until Sofía meets an old friend, Malena. The chemistry between the three of them sparks fizzes and explodes as this romantic comedy lurches from slapstick to bathos to bittersweet. Presented by the Embassy of Costa Rica


(76mins) | Costa Rica



Hernán Jiménez Photograph of Hernán Jiménez Hernán Jiménez is an actor, director and comedian. He studied acting at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal and script and direction at Columbia University in New York. He has written and directed the Costa Rican feature films A Ojos Cerrados and El Regreso, as well as numerous stand-up comedy specials.