In a social experiment, Nicholas, a young Barbadian, takes to the street and pretends to be homeless for 24 hours. Passers-by react differently as he reaches out for their help. What he finds out is heartbreaking: vagrants and the homeless need more than food and shelter; they need to feel human.


(7mins) | Barbados





Damien Pinder Photograph of Damien Pinder Damien Pinder is a Barbadian filmmaker whose goal goes beyond mere entertaining to making people question the way they go about their lives and how they treat others. He has made a number of short films, including Going Beyond, which has been screened at film festivals worldwide, and earned him the prize for best editing at the Barbados Film and Video Association Awards. In 2012, he co-organised the Barbados leg of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase with works from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and its diasporas.