Never underestimate a little girl with good manners. Scarlett-Angelina, the pampered daughter of wealthy parents, takes it in her stride when she is kidnapped by Ralph, who poses as the family’s chauffeur. When his plans don’t go as he had envisioned, Ralph finds out, a little too late, the reason for her attitude.


(10mins) | United States of America





Lorette Bayle Photograph of Lorette Bayle Lorette Bayle is an award-winning filmmaker, with a background in broadcast journalism and film directing. She has produced documentaries and short films, and has worked as Kodak’s Studio features account manager, which gave her the opportunity to collaborate with major studios including Universal, Sony, Disney, MGM, DreamWorks, Amblin Lionsgate and LucasFilm. Her short film Scarlett-Angelina was part of AFI’s 2016–7 Directing Workshop for Women, where she was one of eight directors chosen.