FEVER DREAM Director: Nile Saulter A solitary scrap-metal collector must navigate his way back to the path of promise after disaster strikes. Meanwhile he’s plagued by dreams of a beautiful life once lived, or yet to come. THIS CITY OF MINE Director: Danielle Russell It is the first day of a brand-new job for Julia Aitken, a young university graduate. She is on her own in Kingston, and determined to be the independent woman that her parents don’t believe she can be. Julia decides to use the affordable public transportation system to get to work, but on the way, she encounters a few people and situations that she was not prepared for, all while trying to make it to work on time. CODE Director: Sarah Manley Code is about the struggle between the old ways of Rastafari livity and new modern technology. It is also about a boy who defies a father he loves and respects to prove his manhood. MANGO WARS Director: Kyle Chin Mr. Brown struggles to defend his large mango tree from the constant raids of passersby, neighbours and a particular set of clever thieves. ONE PATTY Director: Eugene Williams An impatient young man enters a patty shop. All he wants is one patty. But the colourful patrons in the line all unknowingly hamper his efforts at getting his one patty. His impatience causes him to make rash decisions and he learns a valuable life lesson – the hard way..


(60mins) | Jamaica