These artists explore their experience of a transnational encounter, through their interests in language, sound, video, memory and ritual. The soundtrack is a collection of words they exchanged that were generated by this experience and later by their reflections on the documentation.


(0mins) | Trinidad and Tobago, Scotland



Luis Vasquez La Roche Photograph of Luis Vasquez La Roche Luis Vasquez La Roche was born in Venezuela and moved to Trinidad and Tobago in 2002. His works are explorations of personal experiences from his past and new adopted space and culture. His works have been exhibited in Trinidad, Grenada, Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany and The Netherlands. He was part of the Artists in Residence (OAZO AIR) in The Netherlands in 2013 and Beta Local’s Itinerant seminar in 2016. He is also the co-founder of See You on Sunday, which is an artist collective committed to Arts education. He currently lectures in The University of Trinidad and Tobago.
Joanna Helfer Photograph of Joanna Helfer Joanna Helfer is a multidisciplinary artist based in Scotland. In 2010 she co-founded Tin Roof, an artist led studio, gallery and workshop space in Dundee, where she had her first solo show in 2015. Helfer was resident artist at Alice Yard, Trinidad in spring 2017 as part of the British Council’s Transatlantic Artists Residency Exchange. Other residencies include Shona Projects in 2015, Iona in 2014 and Nablus, Palestine in 2012. She exhibited at Impact 9 in Hangzhou, China with Dundee Print Collective in 2015 as well as participating in numerous artist led exhibitions, film screenings and publications in Scotland.