Dave applies his make-up as he prepares to act as Chief Hyarima in a play about the Arena massacre in Trinidad. He recently found out that his biological grandfather is not the loving ‘Nana’ with whom he grew up. His real but absent grandfather is of First People’s ancestry, too close to the role he is asked to play. The role takes on a deeper meaning as Dave struggles to find his identity and true colours in the canvas of life.


(21mins) | Trinidad and Tobago





Dr. Iezora Edwards Photograph of Dr. Iezora Edwards Dr. Iezora Edwards has a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Literatures in English, a Masters in Education and a PhD in Cultural Studies. She has been involved at all levels of Drama and Theatre in Trinidad & Tobago for the past twenty-five years. Her PhD research was based on gathering heritage information through oral narratives, and reconstructing the data to produce heritage stories formerly erased, suppressed or neglected, to be placed in the spotlight, on the stage. She is an executive member of Iere Theatre Productions Limited, and Director of IereTrin Films.