A tale from an old Pemón woman about a BlackBerry who falls in love with a Firebeetle. The Firebettle rejects the BlackBerry because she is old, hunched over and with no leaves to show. As time passes, the BlackBerry is reborn and the Firebeetle has a change of heart and wants to know her secret.


(10mins) | Venezuela


Spanish with English subtitles



Isaias Perez Photograph of Isaias Perez Isaías JJ Pérez was born on January 10th 1987 and is of Spanish and Venezuelan Nationality. His first studies linked to filmmaking were in a Communal Documentary Study in COTRAIN. He then started studying filmmaking in ESCINTV in which he graduated as a filmmaker. He is currently studying a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Arts in UNEARTE, The National Experimental University of Arts.