New Shorts from Jamaica. Agwe Director: Ina Sotirova Disaster strikes when a young, Afro-Caribbean high Priestess goes against her intuition. This unorthodox coming of age story explores Afro-Caribbean ancestry, history and spirituality. Flight Directors: Kia Moses + Adrian McDonald From the little island of big dreams comes a little boy from an inner city community with the larger-than-life dream of becoming a Jamaican astronaut. On a deeper level, this film is also a story about space. A lack of space, a longing for space and what happens when various life paths, moving in different directions, interact in the same space. Lovers Director: Mezan Akoya When two couples are trapped in an elevator, being forced to examine themselves and their relationships may be the only way out. Safe Harbour Director: Kaiel Eytle A girl is pulled from the brink of death by a mysterious young boy. Discovering his amazing abilities, the two form a bond that is tested as they uncover the dark secrets that dwell within.


(50mins) | Jamaica