Johnny is released from jail after serving twenty years and one day for a heist and double murder. Despite trying to turn over a new leaf he ends up participating in a kidnapping plot to recover a large ransom.


(120mins) | Chile


Spanish with English subtitles



Gustavo Graef Marino Photograph of Gustavo Graef Marino Gustavo Graef Marino is one of Chile’s most acclaimed filmmakers. His original and highly acclaimed take on post-Pinochet Chile, Johnny 100 Pesos, became Chile's highest grossing movie and was selected as its official candidate for the Best Foreign Language Film category in the 1993 Academy Awards, as well as the Spanish Goya Awards that same year. Following international success, it won the Chilean film critics' Best Movie of the Year and went on to obtain worldwide distribution.Gustavo has also directed, wrote and produced big budget movies for Chilean TV like Balmaceda, for which he won the Best Drama Award in the Altazor Television awards. His next T V movie, Prat, reached a record audience.