On a sunny summer’s day, an engaged Korean woman reconnects with her former beau – a charming Afro-Caribbean man – in the streets of Insadong, South Korea. After spending a glorious day catching up on old times, tensions surface when he seeks answers to the question of why they broke up. Even after dredging up past hurts that derailed their romance, he begs her to give their love a second chance, leaving her to reconsider her chosen path.


(11mins) | United States of America, South Korea


English, Korean



Hyojin Park Photograph of Hyojin Park Hyojin Park was born and raised in South Korea. Her theatrical career began with Kimkapsoo's The World of Actors on Korean Broadway. Her credits include “My Mom”, “The Curtain Call for Her”, “White Wind” and “Seoul Terror”. Her film career includes “3,000”, and other notable works such as “Homework”, “Two Faces” and “My First Love”. Hyojin Park is an Acting MFA ‘19 candidate at The New School of Drama, New York, USA.