Father Amoksi has the gift of seeing – he can tap into the spirit world – in the remote Maroon village of ‘Akuyutu Kondre’. The spiritual rituals must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid conflict with the ancestors. But Amoksi is old, and the Maroons fear that without him, contact with the ancestors will be broken and disaster will strike the village. Amoksi knows it’s time to transfer his knowledge onto his son, Michael, but he is only interested in his iPhone. Although Michael is not the desired successor, there is unexpected hope for the preservation of this unique culture.


(32mins) | Suriname


Auccaans with subtitles



Kenrich Cairo Photograph of Kenrich Cairo The fifth child in a family of eight, Kenrich Cairo was born in 1972 in the town of Moengo, Suriname. At a relatively young age, he moved to Paramaribo with his parents, where he received a secondary education and successfully completed studies in dental technology. Far from his Maroon roots, he has nevertheless developed the love and urge to know more about his origins and culture. Because of the beauty, depth, and mystery within Maroon culture, he studied the winti teachings and lifestyle. The urge to archive his culture led him, as a layman, to 8mm video and photography. He saw Doculab 8 for 40 as an opportunity to be taught the intricacies of filmmaking. Thanks to that new knowledge, the film "Hidden World" is a fact today.