The renowned artist, Jill Walker, has made a unique contribution to her adopted island of Barbados through a magnificent outpouring of artistic work over seven decades – oil paintings, water colors, prints, graphic design and illustrated books. “Jill Walker: An Artistic Life” traces her early years in England as a budding artist and her successful career as a portrait painter and theatre costume designer for, among others, the Stratford and National Theatres. A chance visit in the 1950s to Guyana (then British Guiana) started her on a romantic and exciting life in the Caribbean and her eventual residence on the island of Barbados with architect husband Jimmy Walker. Her paintings of the rich and colorful life and architecture of her adopted home have become hugely popular and people around the world treasure their Jill Walker paintings. Jill says in the film, “I have always thought I had a rather quiet life, rarely looking back, seldom looking forward. However, since I was persuaded by my family to produce my book and this film, I realize it has been the most fabulous life, and I have been extremely lucky.” Awards: Best Director, Best Sound and Best Long Doc, Barbados Visual Media Festival 2018(VIMAS)


(55mins) | Barbados