According to Caribbean folklore, the Lagahoo is a mythical, shapeshifting monster that is said to roam lonely areas at night while stalking their prey. Many people tell the tale of hearing the sound of heavy chains dragging in the bushes while they walked home, as the Lagahoo stalked them…


(9mins) | Trinidad and Tobago





Riyadh Rahaman 19-year-old Riyadh Rahaman is a Trinidadian filmmaker with a passion for creating quality, local content that ranges from a variety of different genres, and is most notably known for his work in comedy. He graduated from St. Stephen's College in 2018 and is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a fulltime filmmaker, hoping to produce local TV shows and feature-length movies in the coming years. He has gained an internet presence and substantial fanbase with his Youtube channel "Riyality Studio" and is the Writer, Director & Host of the TV sketch comedy series "The Riyality Show". His short film "Paranoia: Crime In Trinidad and Tobago" screened at The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2018 and was nominated for The People's Choice Award.