‘Island Strong’ explores the dawn of a new Caribbean in the aftermath of climate change. Scientists have stated there will be stronger, more frequent hurricanes in the future. The 2017 hurricane season brought with it, hurricanes Maria and Irma which saw the region sitting on the front-lines of the climate battle. ‘Island Strong’ is told through the eyes of most vulnerable, exposed to vagaries of climate and natural disasters. What do we as Caribbean people do? Do we give up hope? Are we going to abandon our shores in hope of a safe haven?


(24mins) | Barbados





Clish A. Gittens Photograph of Clish A. Gittens Clish Gittens is a visual anthropologist who realized the lived experiences and stories of Caribbean people are unique. Livelihoods, culture, habitats and environmental impacts vary from island to island – the lens allows him to share those stories and celebrate Caribbean sustainability and culture from an island perspective.