Mikayla is on school break and decides to spend the day with her cousin Noah and their Grandma but, the children can’t seem to find anything to do. Mikayla finds a book filled with old stories from Grandma’s childhood. She asks Grandma to tell them to her and Noah and they gather around Grandma to hear the story. Grandma adds her own little exciting twist to the story in the process transforming the story from a regular old scary tale to something right out of a comedy.


(4mins) | Guyana





Precious Barrow Photograph of Precious Barrow Born in Guyana, Precious Barrow is a young aspiring animator and designer. She has just recently completed her studies in Animation and Game Design for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations 2019 and is also a volunteer at the Guyana Animation Network. Her love for children and animations is what led her to create the series, “Mikayla’s Adventures”. Precious hopes to one day create an animation school where she can pass the love of what she does onto others.