On Sundays, there is never much going on in Bwa Yen Yen. Except today. Because today, Jamal and Maëlys meet for the first time. Meaning the first step in a series of misunderstandings that will lead a bunch of neurotic characters to cross paths in this place in the middle of nowhere… Awards: Best screenplay at Prix de Court, 2019, Guadeloupe; Special Mention of the Youth Jury at Nouveaux Regards Festival, 2019, Guadeloupe; Special Mention for the Best Movie at Nouveaux Regards Festival, 2019, Guadeloupe


(26mins) | Martinique


French, Creole with English subtitles



Amingo Thora Photograph of Amingo Thora In order to study computer science, Amingo Thora paid his university expanses writing and making graphics. That’s how he gradually integrated the world of audiovisual production and cinema. He then started writing short-movies and series in Paris, but decided to go back to Martinique in 2009 to launch a career which includes an increasing share of directing.