“Syba” tells the story of a fisherboy who catches a mysterious object while out fishing.


(7mins) | Curaçao


No dialogue



S.C. van Heijningen Photograph of S.C. van Heijningen Born on Curaçao to a family of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, S.C. van Heijningen often found herself between places and ideologies. Growing up, she learned that opposing belief systems, though tending to clash, can dynamically complement each other. It’s from this dynamic and her adversities that she draws inspiration for her expressive storytelling. As a child she always found herself juggling between islands, never entirely rooting herself in one community, which made her more of an observer than anything else. Having developed a keen interest in everything related to human expression and creation, she developed a consistent interest in the social and behavioral sciences. She obtained her degree in psychology at Leiden University shortly after she was diagnosed with leukemia, after which she decided to take a break from academic life and redirect her focus on her creative endeavors.