‘The Sound of Pan’ is a short drama about steel pan music. Pan music in a huge part of Trinidad’s culture. From its inception, pan has been surrounded by controversy as to it usefulness in society. However, the playing of pan has been changing, as it is now accepted in just about all parts of T&T society. ‘The Sound of Pan’ highlights how the pan music can help young people deal with issues they face on a daily basis.


(42mins) | Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua





Noel Howell Noel Howell M.D. is an Antiguan paediatrician, filmmaker, producer and director based in New York, USA. Howell received his M.D. from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1994 and also graduated from the Film School of New York University. His 2009 film, 'Redemption of Paradise', was named Best Caribbean film at the 2010 Jamaica International Reggae Film Festival. Dr. Howell is the President of the Antigua Film Academy, the educational arm of the Motion Picture Association of Antigua and Barbuda. Dr. Howell also has to his directing and producing credit a number of movies, TV series and documentaries, including 'Book of Songs' and 'Once in an Island'.