A feature-length documentary about contemporary slave labor focusing on the Brazilian Amazon, “Servidão” follows the work of the Special Mobile Inspection Group of the Ministry of Labour. Through the testimony of modern abolitionists and rural workers it explores the links between contemporary slavery and a cruel slave-holding mentality that has existed in Brazil for five centuries. With narration by Negra Li, it is an important record of one of Brazil’s greatest ills.


Feature (72mins) Documentary | Brazil


Portuguese with subtitles



Renato Barbieri Photograph of Renato Barbieri Renato Barbieri is the Creative Director in GAYA Films, a production company located in Brasília. He is a film director, producer and screenwriter. His directorial debut was in 1983, in the production company “Olhar Eletrônico”, in São Paulo. Renato was also the director of Jornal de Vanguarda, in the television network Band. His award-winning works include Cora Coralina – Todas as Vidas, Atlântico Negro – na Rota dos Orixás, Do Outro Lado da Sua Casa, As Vidas de Maria, Lendas Animadas, A Invenção de Brasília, Malagrida, Bianchetti, and others. He is a curator in the project Teste de Audiência and a director in CONNE (an association of production companies and producers from the Central-West, North and Northeast regions in Brazil).