After a devastating volcanic eruption in 1995, Montserrat experienced a mass exodus. But many refused to leave, despite the social and economic destruction the volcano caused. Celeste vividly remembers the eruption. She lost her life’s work: the shop she owned in the island’s capital. Today an ash-coated ghost town lies where her shop once stood. However, much like the regrowth of vegetation across the island, the community has a new-found vitality. Even as the volcano, under observation by scientists, lurks menacingly in the background, Montserratians refuse to let it determine their fate. “No Island Like Home” is a celebration of their resilience, and love for their home.


Medium Length (45mins) Documentary | United Kingdom



Giulio Gobbetti Photograph of Giulio Gobbetti Giulio Gobbetti is a producer, director and editor. He has a broad experience in producing and editing commercial projects, which he put at the service of his documentary work. He worked as a cinematographer and editor in several shorts and feature documentaries, including the award-winning Poshida, that premiered at BFI Flare in 2016.
Jan Stöckel Jan Stöckel is a director and cinematographer. He has a background in visual anthropology and an interest in human stories and how to depict them on screen. He has worked as a cinematographer on various short- and feature documentaries as well as video-ethnographic projects.