The Spiritual Baptists of Trinidad have a common saying – “Those who have eyes to see, shall see”. It refers to their ability to see and access both the physical and spiritual realms. This film explores this way of seeing by comparing the physical, spiritual and ethnographic eye.


Short (19mins) Documentary | Trinidad and Tobago





Melanie Grant Photograph of Melanie Grant Melanie Grant is an award-winning Barbadian filmmaker, lecturer and visual ethnographer. Her short films have been screened at local, regional and international film festivals and cultural events. At the 2017 National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), Melanie was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s scholarship for her two gold award winning films. Although she considers herself first and foremost an artist she also sees herself as an academic. Her passion for gender and queer studies has shaped her purpose as a filmmaker and she endeavours to use cinema to educate, to advocate for positive social change and to document the stories of women and sexual minorities in the Caribbean. Her most recent films explore the themes of gender, sexuality and spirituality. Melanie holds a Bachelor's degree in Creative Arts and a Masters in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester.