A collection of phrases from 2013–2016 that talk about blackness, failure, hopelessness, and death; thoughts about water and how it gives life and takes life.


Short (5mins) Art / Experimental | Trinidad and Tobago



Luis Vasquez La Roche Photograph of Luis Vasquez La Roche Luis Vasquez La Roche was born in Venezuela. In 2002 migrated to Trinidad and Tobago. They have been actively producing and exhibiting work since 2009. They have exhibited work in Trinidad, Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia, Scotland, Germany, and the US. They were selected to be part of the residency program OAZO AIR in The Netherlands in 2013 and Beta Local’s 2016 Itinerant Seminar in Puerto Rico. In 2013, co-founded See You on Sunday, an artist collective committed to arts education. They lecture at The University of Trinidad and Tobago and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Fulbright Scholar 2018-2020, MFA Painting and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University. BA Special Visual Arts, University of the West Indies