An experiment based on time manipulation and what it does in film. The filmmaker takes the first half and flips it to the end so that watched backwards or forwards the same film would be played.


Short (0mins) Art / Experimental | Trinidad and Tobago





David Parris Photograph of David Parris David Parris is a student at the University of the West Indies pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production. He has starred in, written and directed several short films for the university such as The Smiling Man(2017) and Grey (2018). His documentary Tattoo’d (2019) also premiered in the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2019 Carifesta Edition.
Lee-Anna Boyce Photograph of Lee-Anna Boyce Lee-Anna Shirlin Boyce is a theater arts teacher at the Moruga Secondary School. She is the founder of the Artistic Dance theater, Creator of the Mourga folk character haunted house, Rouge Masquerade and a mas designer. She is passionate about the preservation of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. She is presently pursuing her BA in Dance at the University of the West Indies.
Kwame E. Boatswain Photograph of Kwame E. Boatswain Kwame Emmanuel Boatswain is a young cinematographer from Trinidad & Tobago aspiring to raise mental health awareness by using the art of Cinema and Caribbean Story Telling. Kwame believes that great filmmaking can be used to help others heal as it challenges their mind, body, and soul.