The peaceful life of Georges, an introverted Guyanese teenager, becomes complicated when he falls in love with Gisèle, a dreamy girl who hopes more than anything to see Paris.


Short (16mins) Narrative | French Guiana


French with subtitles



Léa Magnien and Quentin Chantrel Photograph of Léa Magnien and Quentin Chantrel Léa Magnien & Quentin Chantrel form a duo of photographic directors, the collective Lova Lova. Together, they combine their skills for the production of short films and photographs almost always anchored in French Guyana where they both grew up. Léa Magnien did the fine arts of Aix en Provence and was then admitted to the National School of Arts and Techniques of Theater (ENSATT) in Lyon in the field of costume. Quentin Chantrel embarked on self-directed filmmaking with his first short film "A heart on the canvas" awarded at the Palmists Canvas Festival (French Guyana) before becoming a graduate by integrating DU Creations and Audiovisual and Cinematographic Techniques from Corsica where he directed the short film "Secondary residence", produced by the Cinematographic Research and Essay Group. Thanks to their technical experiences on the French Guyana series (canal +) in particular and Maroni (Arte), they decide to create a duo, the Collective Lova Lova, and direct their first very short film in 2017 "Je suis un vélo" . They then directed in 2018 the short film "Ici, c'est Paris" produced by Palaviré Production.In parallel with their achievements, the duo encountered colorful characters on stage through offbeat photographs that tackle the concept of exoticism and question the representation of the Other. The duo did an artist residency in Bélem (Brazil) and Oaxaca (Mexico). They also exhibited their photographs in Alsace, Marseille and Hanover (Germany).