Newly-married Aria Sawyer is a charismatic and attractive young woman who is after one thing – a seat in Parliament – and she gets it. However, the sweet taste of victory quickly grows sour when her power-hungry husband, Dimitri, finds out about her on-and-off affair with Janelle Rose, a spunky female journalist. He offers a trade: his silence for her seat in Parliament.


Short (14mins) Narrative | Jamaica





Nadean Rawlins Photograph of Nadean Rawlins Nadean Rawlins is the Founder and Managing Director of RAW Management, a Talent Management Agency and Production Co. Nadean has produced five stage plays to include the award-winning play The Black That I Am in 2015. An emerging film producer and director, she co-directed and produced her first short film Traytown written by Letay Williams in 2020, and is currently involved in developing other feature film projects. Rawlins also has over 20 years of experience as an award-winning actress and firmly believes in developing and promoting all kinds of talents through advancement and international exposure.
Gareth Cobran Photograph of Gareth Cobran Gareth started off directing and shooting a myriad of music videos for international recording artistes, gaining exposure and familiarity within the industry. As his journey progressed, he decided to sharpen his skills specifically as a Director of Photography, telling unique stories and ultimately syncing himself with a completely different side of production. He started Image Development Studios as a cornerstone for quality local and regional production, which further enhanced his portfolio allowing him to shoot, direct, and edit. He branched off into the commercial avenue, shooting adverts for many prominent companies including Digicel, Coke Zero and KFC to name a few. In 2012 co-directed the documentary OnePeople: The Celebration.