When Marc brings home an intelligent home management system called Kara for his fiancee, Cindy is unnerved by her increasingly intrusive presence and becomes convinced the device is spying on them. Kara begins to frighten Cindy while Marc is out at work, but he thinks she’s imagining it.


Short (20mins) Narrative | Guadeloupe





Catherine Kerr-Phillips Photograph of Catherine Kerr-Phillips Catherine is a multilingual writer, director, photographer, translator and assistant director. She lived abroad for several years, travelling and working, before studying languages, economics and theatre at Nice University graduating in 2009. While in the South of France, she initially started acting in various French television series (Les Toques, Section de Recherches) before deciding to pursue a career behind the camera in 2015. Since then, she has worked as an Assistant Director on numerous British and foreign productions, including Goldfinch Studio’s World War II film, Waiting for Anya, That Good Night, and popular dramas such as Casualty, East Enders and Death in Paradise. She has written and directed three award winning short films and two short animations, and her short screenplay The Wedding Car was produced for BBC 2 in 2016. She has written three feature screenplays and published a memoir, Hoping for Rain.