Your paranoia is someone else’s reality. A loved one leaves the house, insisting that they will be home at a certain time. The time passes and fear grows as they don’t return. In times like this, it’s not far-fetched to think the worst, but the voice in your head keeps going back and forth. Is something wrong, or are you being paranoid?


Short (10mins) Narrative | Trinidad and Tobago



Riyadh Rahaman Riyadh Rahaman is 20-year-old Trinidadian filmmaker with a passion for creating high quality, local films and is most known for his unique and creative abilities in storytelling including the genres of comedy, drama and thriller. He graduated from St. Stephen’s College in 2018 and completed a 2 month intensive filmmaking course at Maine Media Workshops + College in the fall 2019 and is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a full time filmmaker. He has amassed an audience of over 20,000 followers among his various social media platforms following his work in film and he’s been twice officially selected in the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. His 2019 submission ‘The Lagahoo’ was aired twice on local TV station TTT as part of their 'Live for Local’ series also gaining him an interview on the TTT Now Morning Show with Lisa Wickham. He was also interviewed by the Trinidad Express newspaper in 2019 for his crime short film ‘Red Alert’ which is one of his best works.